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The Fireside chats are an event series hosted by Etch that showcase the latest business opportunities and challenges in 2021. Each event will include specialist speakers from Etch and our partner network, as well as a live Q&A for attendees to ask real-time questions to our panel of specialists.

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Shelly Frame, Founder - The Emerging Workforce

With the rapid adoption of digital transformation programs, it’s only natural that process and interactions will become more automated. AI Specialist is now the number one emerging job in the UK. Together with the enforced changes from remote working and legislation, the labour market disruption has only just begun.

So what does this mean for the emerging workforce?

Whilst the larger % of staff do not work in the emerging field of artificial intelligence, this shift will impact the whole workforce. It is essential that companies foresee the changes and prepare change management programs for a new world of work.

Phil Dye, Lead Solutions Architect - Citizen Developer Movement

The citizen developer movement - empowering normal business users to build applications for the enterprise - is one of the biggest contributors to digital transformation in the enterprise over recent years, yet is still feared by many. There are certainly challenges to overcome in ensuring reliable, secure and maintainable products, but the landscape has matured to provide platforms to manage and mitigate this risk. The reality is that the opportunity of empowering domain experts to solve challenges for all is a compelling one and should not be overlooked.

Giles Morgan, Etch Horizon - The importance of ecosystems and the changing landscape of agency vs consultancy

With the lifespans of companies declining to sometimes 15 years, the need for ecosystems is a must have for businesses that want to grow and succeed, ecosystems through their people, ecosystems through their partners and ecosystems in their supply chain.

Digital transformation over the last few years has been delivered by a mix of agencies and consultancies, however with commoditisation of software on the agency side and lack of investment in digital understanding on the other, its left customers lacking value on both sides so now should be the decade of the hybrid.