Align the team and make decisions, fast - with design

Reduce uncertainty and move forwards

Using robust frameworks, we help teams onboard to visual collaboration app Mural (used by 43% of the global Fortune 100) and start building up the experience of running successful virtual workshops.

Whether it's using a template or creating your own, we embed design thinking and visual collaboration and ensure that every time you begin work, you're engaging the rest of the team to build towards better outcomes.

Unlock the value of teamwork

Collaborate as a team together.

Our experienced facilitators will run interactive and engaging virtual workshops with your team, prioritising your problems and prioritising your roadmap.

Find out what circumstances are best to run a virtual workshop, what type of tasks it is suitable for and witness 'what it looks like' by collaborating and creating using design thinking and time-saving activities.


Trusted partners with Google and Mural

As a Google Sprint Chapter Lead and Mural Playmaker, Etch Horizon are the trusted experts that help teams scale innovation with visual thinking and remote collaboration expertise.



Up-skill your own talent

Introduce a new way of working

When you participate in a workshop with us, you will also start learning the methods and theory we use to make critical business decisions fast.

Whether that's bringing a new product to market, understanding your customer's journey or creating a service blueprint to identify where in your business you could improve, we have a method to solve virtually any problem you may have. 


Speed up digital teamwork

Sprints get you there faster

Our world-renowned facilitation team will coach you in best practices and take your team on a deeper dive in visual collaboration.

We will share how to take existing business processes and making them highly engaging and easy to use, speeding up your business and increasing performance.

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